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Your bubble will quickly burst when you use the State Of Florida Offender Search Website and learn just how many registered sex offenders are living within our community.

Blog Florida Sex Offender One Stop Resource Center

There are sexual offenders and predators within just a five mile radius of downtown. Keep in mind, however, that this does not include those that might be visiting but not permanently living here, or those that are not in compliance with their requirement to register. The state website has a feature that allows you to add your e mail and receive notifications when a new offender moves into your area. I would be the most concerned with the individuals living within your neighborhood or areas where your children may frequent. For example, if your children walk to school through certain neighborhoods, or spend time at the home of a friend or relative, be sure and include those locations in your search.

Next, I would take the time to read the details on the criminal conviction. Reviewing the profile of the offender will give you more information to determine how dangerous they may be to children in particular.

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While you should be cautious of everyone on the list, take special note of those individuals convicted of sexual crimes involving minors for the purpose of this article, I am focusing on sexual crimes against children. This might mean walking a couple of extra blocks avoiding these homes when walking home from school — whatever it takes to keep your kids safe.

Jacksonville Area Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

Another effective strategy is to establish a secret family password. The idea here is to teach your children to never go with someone unless they know the password. Some parents go so far as to test their kids asking a friend to attempt to offer them a ride without knowing the password. Sounds extreme… but children can not be reminded too often of the danger of abduction. I have witnessed kids throw tantrums because of not getting that extra stuffed animal when leaving Disney or a parent turning down their request for a candy bar at the grocery checkout.

Getting attention is required, but your child must verbalize what is happening for most people to take notice. Bystanders will jump in and help if they hear something like this, but may not respond just hearing a crying child. It is truly a scary time to be raising a child.

Registered sex offender pleads guilty to child porn charge

I cannot see where they could even stay. There has to be more people than places for them so live. The news talks about the deaths and damage but not about what is going to happen to those who lost their homes and everything they owned. Here in Florida we kind of dodged a bullet. I feel blessed that all I had was rain this time. This may be a little off the subject of the FAC but I just felt a need to express my concerns. Although this article is from back when Irma went through, it is very good and gives a lot of good information and some eye openers.

Mentions many counties with some offering shelters and some telling you to go pack sand. After reading this PBS report, I checked online for information on the lawsuit filed. There are plenty of articles on the lawsuit being filed and why, but I could not find out if the lawsuit went anywhere. It was filed in September of Most likely it was quietly dismissed. You can try and look up the contact info for the lawyer who filed the suit and maybe he will email you back. On the one hand you want everyone to have shelter, on the other hand I can see them wanting to protect children etc.

It is all a show by law enforcement. And it is perfectly legal to be there. LE leaves you alone as long as you dont look suspicious. And they have generators and even if youre just in the parking garage its safer than anywhere else and has water and bathrooms before the check in areas.

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Thats where the fam have spent one or two of these. Load up the trunk with food but realize youd probably be paying for the parking. Another place are the free courthouse prking garages themselves: volusia county has a pretty big one and secure and free. They do that in Orange county as well. Check yourself into the county jail. Your child would already be scared with the storm brewing, now add to that , that Daddy has to go to jail for a few days, even though he did not break the law. Beaumont Ave. Kissimmee, FL They will process you and isolate you from everyone else.

You will be provided a blue wristband you MUST wear at all times while inhabiting the shelter. You will be directed to a designated area of the shelter and your FDLE flyer will be posted in the common area of the shelter. No provisions being made for those not on probation. Or the luckier ones in the same area who have a car to sleep in? They say they dont know where RCs can go except to voluntarily enter the jail since shelters are not an option for RCs.

Not sure about this year but last year, the Sheriff of Orange county told sex offenders if you do not have a place to go, you can check yourself into the Jail.

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Me personally, I would rather hide under a log in the woods during a category 5 hurricane than to go back to jail. First of all never want to see the inside of a jail again and secondly, they may conveniently forget you are not an inmate and send you off to the DOC for processing. In myand my husbands particular situation, we no longer have a car and wouldnt dome anygood anyway withsight problems from having had cataract surgery on one eye.

Florida sheriff: Sex offenders not welcome at shelters

I did phone the sheriffs dept. He had congestive heart failure a couple years ago after surgery for blocked arteries so cant walk well very far -is on a multitude of medications besides his diabetes med. I was told by the Sheriffs dept.

Sex Crimes

I am glad that we are staying in a relativelyhurricane proof motel evne tho it leaves useunable to access public transportation as we bothhave mobilityproblems. When he got there, detective I spoke to said I called, where is she out in car. Perhaps better I communicte with a major newspaper. A Federal judge ruled that a mandatory evacuation cannot be enforced. If you want to stay in your house law enforcement cannot arrest you for staying in your home. I cannot see the sheriffs office making you leave your home to go to the jail. However if you want to go to a shelter, they can designate the jail as the offenders location.

Requiring someone to report to jail during a storm is not constitutional. Not sure if you were on probation. Another item on the agenda that is NOT punitive Coughs into hand according to the law makers. I ask, bc this discussion came up recently with my federal po. He said I was required to have an evacuation plan with some place to go on file with him even though I live in Orange County which is never evacuated because its the central hub for ALL emergency equipment and gasoline for the entire state.

But I held my ground and said he cant force me to jail without formal charges and all the due process and other legal protections the Constitution requires. He left my house conceding that he cant force anyone to evacuate bc I told him to review all the cases in South Florida and Key West where people refused to evacuate, yet nobody was charged with any offense.

No there is not. That said; Please keep the comments on this post limited to what you discover in your county. Holiday weekend : no firm storm track yet: wed need to know by tomorrow thursday where we can or cant go and if we have an alternate: how can we tell them?

Actually guess we have until friday to let them know where we think we may go if we go to wherever we can go to or just stay at home and try not to die.