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Request A Police Report | Manchester, MO

Throughout the instructional course, you will be taught driving essentials, including how to become a great defensive driver, what do in an emergency, the effects drugs and alcohol have on your body and driving skills, and more. Because a Missouri traffic school program will teach you all the fundamentals you need to learn how to be a defensive driver, many motorists take the program for this reason.

Being a safe driver will not only help you, but also your family and other motorists throughout your driving career.

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Another reason drivers choose to take a Missouri driver improvement program is to keep their auto insurance rates low. Depending on your current auto insurance provider, you may be able to receive a discount on your monthly dues just by participating in a Missouri traffic school course.

Please contact your current auto insurance company before completing our course solely to receive a discount. By taking a Missouri traffic school course to remove an existing traffic violation, you will keep your Missouri driving record free of blemishes.

Which county you reside in will dictate the process to enrolling in a driver improvement program. Once your violation is sent to the FCC, there are specific counties As Shown Here that are granted an automatic approval for driver improvement. However, other counties require the FCC to re-route your traffic violation to the court, where you may need to appear in person to request permission to participate in driver improvement.

After you have completed these first steps, you will experience easy sailing from here on out. Once you know you are eligible, simply Register for the Missouri Driver Improvement course.

City of Clayton, MO

If an applicant answers yes to any of these questions, he or she may be examined for an individual's fitness to operate a motor vehicle safely. What other ways does the state have to find out about people who may not be able to drive safely because of a medical condition? The state accepts reports of potentially unsafe drivers from police officers, the courts, physicians, social workers, close family members, and hospitals.

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Close family members and spouses may only report drivers one time within a 12 month period. The licensing agency does not accept anonymous reports, and it investigates any referral if its source is questionable before evaluating the driver. Drivers also may be required to have medical evaluations if they have impairments which are observed by licensing agency personnel during the licensing process or if they are involved in a certain number of accidents or accumulate a given number of points. When the licensing agency receives information indicating that a driver may be medically unsafe to operate a motor vehicle, through answers to questions on the license application or through one of the referral sources listed above, agency personnel investigate the situation to decide whether a medical evaluation is required.

The agency may set an examination within 10 days of giving notice.

Missouri VIN Check

Refusal to submit the examination within 30 days of receiving notice may lead to a loss of license. The official physician's statement form asks the physician to indicate whether the patient has Diabetes Type 1 or 2 , uses insulin, or has retinopathy that affects vision. For each condition, the physician may indicate if the condition ranges from "severe" to "mild" or "unimpaired. Periodic follow-up medical evaluations may be required on the recommendation of the physician. Are physicians required by law to report drivers who have medical conditions that could affect their ability to drive safely?

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There is no statutory authority requiring physicians to report drivers with medical conditions that could affect their ability to drive safely to a central state agency. However, physicians and other medical professionals may voluntarily report to the licensing agency any patient diagnosed or assessed as having a disorder or condition that may prevent such person from safely operating a motor vehicle. Any such report must state the diagnosis or assessment and whether the condition is permanent or temporary, and the existence of a physician-patient relationship will not prevent the making of a report by authorized medical professionals.

All reports and medical records so submitted are kept confidential, except upon order of a court of competent jurisdiction or during review of a decision of the licensing agency in circuit court. Are physicians who report drivers with medical conditions immune from legal action by the patient?

Resources for Driving Safely

This is an independent site; the Branson Police Department does not run this website. Reports may not be available in all circumstances so you are encouraged to call the Records office at or beforehand. Skip to Main Content. Police Records The records section is responsible for storing, retrieving, copying and transferring police records as allowed and required by law.

Accident Reports Accident reports are available to all parties involved in the accident.