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  2. How Can You Recover Deleted Text Messages Android with Ease? [MiniTool Tips]
  3. Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from iPhone without a backup
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They may not be able to help you, but they will be more likely to try if you are pleasant and appreciative of their efforts! There are some third-party apps out there that will help you recover deleted files and text messages from your iPhone, but they can be sketchy. Personally, I would hesitate to use any of these apps to recover deleted text messages. But if you are really in a bind, there are a few that have some good reviews and popularity online.

Fone for iOS also has a free trial and a paid version available online.

There are no guarantees, and you are opening yourself up to the mercy of these apps and their creators; so even trusted sources online should be carefully considered before you jump right in out of desperation. Becca is a blogger, freelance writer, and iDevice addict. She lives in the middle of the Arizona desert with her husband and two boys, and can't imagine life getting any better. Read about her crazy life at MyCrazyGoodLife.

Recover Android Text Messages

View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Master your iPhone in one minute a day: Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. These important text messages may disappear for some reasons.

How Can You Recover Deleted Text Messages Android with Ease? [MiniTool Tips]

Usually, there is important information in the text messages, and you want to keep them. At the same time, you delete some other unimportant messages to optimize your usage experience. Then, there will be a potential risk: it is possible that some important text messages are deleted accidently. Besides, do you need to recover some other types of Android data from the device? Try MiniTool. Your Android phone is attacked by virus and the important text messages are gone. Virus attack is another main cause of Android text messages loss issue.

So please use a piece of professional antivirus software to scan your Android device and remove the virus. You update your phone to the latest Android version but then text messages are missing.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from iPhone without a backup

When a new Android version is released, many of you will update the device to the latest Android version to enjoy its new features. But some of you reflect that after Android update, some files on the Android device, including text messages, are missing. You restore your Android phone to factory settings and lose all of the text messages.

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Factory reset can fix a lot of Android phone issues. For example, if a file or a virus is difficult to be removed from your Android device, you can use factory reset option to achieve this aim; or you can restore your device to factory settings to clear its memory space and use it as a new one. However, after factory reset, all of your Android data will be deleted, and Android text message is not an exception. In case that you want to do Android data recovery after factory reset, you can learn the detailed solution from this post: Solved - How to Recover Data after Factory Reset Android.

In addition, there are some other causes, such as you lost your Android device by accident; or you drop the device on the floor heavily and it is totally broken. As mentioned above, there are many reasons which may lead to Android text messages loss.

How to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Android without Computer

When this issue happens to you, you must want to know: is it possible to recover deleted text messages Android? At first, you need to make sure that the Android device is on your hand, and it can be turned on normally. Then, as long as the deleted Android text messages are not overwritten by new data, you can use a piece of dedicated Android data recovery software to undeleted Android messages. But, which software is the best choice?

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It is right that you need to get your deleted Android contacts back sooner rather than later because once the deleted Android text messages are overwritten by new data, they will become unrecoverable. So, once you decide to recover delete text messages Android, please just stop using your Android device as soon as possible.

When you search Android data recovery software issue on the internet, you must be dazzled because there are numerous tools listed there and they all claim that they can get deleted Android data back. Do you need to try them one by one? Not really. Here, in this case, you should just try this tool - MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, and it will not let you down. You should be wary of these factors which may lead to the loss of Android text message. But, if you really lost your Android text messages, please take action as soon as possible to get them back.

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Click to tweet. With these two recovery modules, you can recover deleted and lost Android data from Android phone and tablet, as well as SD card. The recovered data types are various including text data such as text messages, contacts, call history, WhatsApp, and document data; and media data such as photos, APP photos, videos, audios, and WhatsApp attachments. So this software can fully satisfy your demand for undeleting Android messages.

In addition, it is a desktop tool rather than an app, and we advise you to download and install this free program to your computer and have a try first. Free Download. At the same time, you should know that no matter which Android data recovery software you are using, you have to root your Android device in advance.

When everything is prepared, you can connect your Android phone to the computer and start your Android message recovery process. In this post, we will show you how to retrieve deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy. To recover deleted text messages Android, you should click on Recover from Phone module to continue. Step 2: The software will begin to analyze your Android phone directly.

When you see this interface, we suggest you checking Always allow from this computer on your Android phone and then click on OK button to confirm this option. Here, you should note that different Android version has different steps to enable USB debugging. Please choose the corresponding Android version from this interface and follow the guide to enable USB debugging.